The Commission Process

Commission work is quoted on a case by base scenario.

All miniature commission work requires that the client either sends me the miniatures, or provides the money for the miniatures, and I will purchase them. You make purchase them and have them drop shipped to my studio.

I usually only require payment after the job is completed and I send final photos for customer approval.

Depending on how unique, or large a particular job may be, I might require a deposit up front to begin the work.

I will provide work in process photos as I paint the miniatures.

In the case of not payment, the miniatures are forfeited to myself.

I seal all my work with gloss coat for strength. Then they are sealed with several coats of Model Master’s Lusterless Flat varnish.

I use a number of brands of paints, so if there is a particular brand or specific color of paint, I will need to know that before hand so I can match it.

Paint schemes and color choices can be done however the client chooses. I can gladly do them my way, if you prefer my style, or I can be sent photos or have described what they should look like.

Ultimately, I want the client to be happy they got the commission exactly how they wanted.